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Test Only Smog Check

ASM 5015
(Acceleration Simulation Mode)

The vehicle has to satisfy 50% of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency's) requirements for the vehicle to be sold in the US when tested at 15 miles per hour.

Visual Inspection

The technician inspects parts that are needed to keep low emissions when the vehicle is "cold" (after starting), such as:

  • PCV (Positive Crank-case Ventilation)
  • Vacuum lines.
  • Wiring and sensors.

ASM 2525
(Acceleration Simulation Mode)

The vehicle has to satisfy 25% of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency's) requirements for the vehicle to be sold in the US whentested at 25 miles per hour.

Functional Inspection

It depends on the type of vehicle, and it includes:

  • Base Timing
  • Gas Cap
  • Check-Engine Light
A picture - Vehicle Pass Screen Shot -
This Is What We Love To See

Further information can be obtained at The California Air Resources Board and/or at The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Vehicle Registration Services

Vehicle Registration

Register your vehicle in just minutes and save hours of sitting at the DMV.

DMV Renewals

When mailing in or renewing online is not an option, Jefferson smog can help.

Vehicle Verifier

We can verify your vehicle's VIN against the DMV registration records,

One Day Permits

For when your tags have expired and you need just 24 hours to get your vehicle current.

Title Transfers

Perfect for when you have just purchased a vehicle.

License Plates

We can help you get replacement plates or order special vanity plates.