Ray Hernandez, Owner of Jefferson Smog Ray Hernandez - Lead Smog Tech

A test only smog center is a smog testing location which only performs smog tests, and does not execute repairs. A test only and star certified smog center tends to be much more rapid, because it specializes in smog testing. If your vehicle is likely to pass the smog test it is an excellent choice because test only smog centers are also usually less expensive.

A test only smog center is differentiated from a test and repair smog center because the test only center does not perform vehicle repairs. For this reason you can be sure that when you come to Jefferson Smog you will get a none biased inspection. We want you to pass the inspection just as much as you do...We have absolutely no motivation to fail you!

Some states have areas known as Enhanced Smog Check Areas, where drivers will be expected to smog check their vehicles more regularly, especially if they drive vehicles classified as gross polluters. Gross polluters are vehicles which have been known to exceed state smog limits by more than 200%, and some models of vehicle are more likely to be gross polluters. Gross polluters are also known as High Emission Profile vehicles. The state randomly selects High Emission Profile vehicles for smog testing, directing them to a test only smog center.

Vehicles registered in Enhanced Smog Check Areas will also be subject to random smog checks even if they don't have a High Emission Profile. The Department of Motor Vehicles randomly selects vehicles for smog testing and notifies the owners by mail. This is Partly designed to keep drivers in regulatory compliance, and also to test the effectiveness of the smog check system.

If your vehicle happens to fail a smog test and costly repairs are estimated, ask Ray at Jefferson Smog about your options.